My year-end confession and commemoration 2014

I’ve never really stuck with anything before. I had always jumped from interest to interest as soon as I got bored. I attempted to create blogs in the past but never stuck with them, and they all ended up empty, a mere testament to my failure and lack of commitment. This didn’t just stick with blogs- this pattern recurred in a lot of other areas in my life, and I’d just like to be able to prove my perceptions of myself wrong. That is the reason why I created this blog. I want to be able to track down my progress, understand myself more, and basically appreciate life more because I tend to forget all the good that has happened when bad things start coming in. For my first post, I’d like to share my experiences that shaped me this past year (because 2014 had been one hell of a year!). One word to describe this year would be ‘change’, and here are a list of reasons why.

1.) turned 18 (and all the things that come with it)

2.) college (new environment, made new friends, lost friends, grades, ugh)

3.) gained 10 pounds (due to stress-eating)

4.) watched my first musical

5.) first entrepreneurial attempt was a success

6.) high school graduation (why is this after the ‘college’ number…)

7.) first road trip with friends

8.) learned how to ice skate (more like, I learned how to wobble and not fall… on ice)

9.) trip to Japan (oh what would I give to be there right now…)

10.) heart ache, heartbreak, and confusion

11.) became a whomping willow (don’t ask)

12.) grandmother passed away

13.) detoxifying trip to Hong Kong

14.) cousin and aunt comes to visit us after more than 10 years of them not traveling

15.) embarrassed myself twice in the most public way possible

16.) I had a facial for the first time and it hurt.

17.) reunions

18.) spent new year’s eve alone for the first time

I just noticed (and promise, I didn’t do this on purpose) that the list ends at 18, which made me happy for some reason.  Anyway, I know people don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions anymore but here are some of mine:

1.) lose the 10 pounds I gained this year

2.) be kinder

3.) travel more

4.) get my shit together

5.) strive to be happy, not content


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