How I Lost 7 Pounds in 3 Weeks

Weight loss has been one of my goals ever since I put on an extra 20 pounds since freshman year. At 138 pounds for a 5 foot 5 inch height, I wasn’t exactly too big for my size- but I really want to actively pursue a better and healthier lifestyle- the weight loss just helps to quantify that. I started my journey on the 30th of January 2017, with a starting weight of 138 pounds and a BMI of 22.96. My goal is to bring down my BMI by two notches, or lose 13 pounds by May 1, 2017- which leaves me a little over two months left to go.

One of the most difficult things was actually starting. I have attempted a lot of diets in the past, but most were unsuccessful because they involved me starving myself, and I would end up binge eating. I would end up gaining weight or losing weight at a glacial pace, and as impatient as I was, I would stop attempting to lose weight after a week or two- so this goal really left me wondering if I could actually do what I set out to do.

People say that successful weight loss is 30% exercise and 70% diet. So I started by tweaking my diet. There’s this reasonably priced salad place in school which I went to every day for lunch to get my salad fix. I gotta admit, I was absolutely miserable the first few weeks. I love my veggie fix but having salad every day for lunch was really something to get used to. That first week, I ate nothing but vegetables. I had oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch, and some more veggies for dinner. I felt like a rabbit. I coupled this with exercise a few times a week. I started by getting a gym membership, and really setting aside time from my already busy schedule juggling my internship and school work. That first week killed me- mainly because I wasn’t used to such a big change in my lifestyle overnight.But the work paid off:

Jan 30- 138 pounds

Jan 31- 138 pounds

Feb 3- 136.5 pounds

Feb 5- 134.5 pounds

I had lost 3.5 pounds in a single week. Seeing results got me motivated to continue. But there were lots of road bumps along the way, such as parties, dinners with friends, and more. I was on a day out with friends when I realized that I couldn’t just give up meat all of a sudden. I had a piece of baked salmon for lunch that day, and my stomach absolutely wouldn’t have any of it. I had to take some medicines to help bring the food down, but from that day on I incorporated more meat into my diet. Steamed chicken is my go-to for dinner. The second week was tougher overall because I struggled to keep the habits up- taking the stairs over the elevator, going to the gym regularly, eating healthy. I had lots of cheat days during week 2, and it showed in the slow rate of weight loss I was experiencing.

Feb 6- 134.5 pounds

Feb 7- 134.5 pounds

Feb 10- 134.25 pounds

Needless to say, these results in the 2nd week really demotivated me. I thought to myself that maybe I’m plateauing so early on and that there was nothing I could do about it. What’s more, I absolutely pigged out during the weekend because I was with friends, so I dreaded the weigh-in on Feb 13. I expected to gain weight and I was ready to hit up more hours in the gym to lose the extra pounds. But to my surprise, the results were much better than expected.

Feb 13- 134 pounds

Feb 14- 133.5 pounds

Feb 17- 131.5 pounds

Feb 18- 131 pounds

I have officially lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks. I have never seen results this quick in my previous attempts, and I’m now more motivated than ever to lose the remaining 6 pounds by May 1, 2017- surpass the goal, even. In the next few days, I’ll be focusing on learning to keep my weight stable rather than just losing the weight, so there are days when I’ll eat a little bit more just so my body doesn’t get used to eating healthy all the time. Apart from my weight loss though, I’m just glad that I’m a little bit more awake now, less tired, and less *gasp-y* when I climb up the stairs. I feel my body getting stronger, and I’m loving it. I plan on taking cardio Zumba sessions with my friends and even go boxing to change my routine up a bit. Although I still feel constantly challenged to get out of bed and go to the gym, hopefully I keep up this new lifestyle long enough to make it a habit. For now, I’m really happy with my progress and will go treat myself with some well-deserved ice cream.

All the best,






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