Travel Bucket List

As I was mulling over my itinerary for my upcoming Hong Kong trip, I decided to create a generic bucket list that every traveler could use to experience the place they’re going to in the most intimate and (hopefully) authentic way possible! One thing I absolutely hate about travelling in travel groups is how expensive and “touristy” everything is. I’m the type of traveler who likes to take my time and not feel like cattle being herded around. Feel the same way? Check out this list below!

  1. Try the street food
    You can’t go wrong with street food! It’s cheap, delicious, and it tells you more about the place you’re visiting than fancy restaurants or buffets ever will. Search up on the local delicacies, and keep them in mind so that when you do spot a street vendor or a local eatery/diner, you’ll know what to pick! When I went to Hong Kong, I absolutely had to have their egg waffles and other street snacks! Korea was street food galore, especially in Myeong Dong!
  2.  Take the subway or walk
    I love people watching, and my Humans of New York-esque mind can’t help but notice all the different people coming and going about their way. Taking the subway isn’t only cheap and convenient, it’s also a good way to feel like you’re one with the locals!  Walking helps shave off the extra calories, but also allows you to feel the hustle and bustle of the city, or even the serenity and silence of the provinces.
  3. Go to a cafe!
    I love my cafes, so going to one is a must when I travel. Apart from getting to taste their cafe fare, it’s a good way to unwind and get a feel of the city from a calm and collected place. This experience is even better if it’s not in a touristy area!
  4. Make friends!
    Whenever I go abroad, I tend to use Tinder to gain myself some new friends to show me around various areas. Some people I know go drinking and clubbing and meet people through there. I’m not much of a drinking or clubbing person, so I opt to ask my newfound friends out for a coffee or a meal. Truth be told, there are lots of people willing to spend some of their time to show you around. To be safe, go with friends. But in my personal experience, locals really showed me around places that were beautiful and non-touristy. It’s worth the shot!
  5. When in Rome, do as the Romans do!
    To really get a feel of the culture, stray away from touristy agendas and focus your efforts on creating an itinerary that the locals would appreciate (or might not even know about!) When I went to Hong Kong last time, instead of spending all my time in Causeway bay, I spent some time in obscure areas like Instagram pier, Sai Wan swimming shed, and more! Instead of having dimsum in fancy restaurants, I had them in the little street diners for cheap yet good quality. What’s more, these places are discover-able online!What are your handy travel tips to making your trip experience as authentic as possible?

    Till next time,


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