Life Update!


If I were to describe my life at this very moment with one thing, it would be the straight face emoji. My life right now isn’t too good or too bad. I mean, I managed to reach my goal weight, and I plan to maintain that weight with a month left until my final weigh-in. I’ll be leaving for Hong Kong in a week, which is exactly what I need right now. School’s ending in a month more or less, and then it’ll go on to my summer internship! My little sister would be coming back from Australia in June, so that’s great.

The downside to all this is the amount of work and stress I’d have to go through before all the good stuff happens. I’ve had test after test the past week and this coming week. The papers never stop coming. The revisions… oh god, the revisions. I’ve been telling a lot of people lately: “If I could quit school, I would.” I’ve been feeling so drained lately and not seeing the point of whatever thing I do in school. Like, I’ve just been feeling so d-o-n-e with everything 😦

What’s more, I have this project for my school organization that’s taking up quite a bit of time. School orgs are cool and all but the work ethic is seriously lacking in students nowadays. Nobody cares for anyone else’s time anymore, and people make commitments and promises they can’t keep. Sad.

Well, this too shall pass. And as long as I don’t die from it, I’ll find some way to keep going.

Things I’ve been into lately:

  1. Riverdale
  2. Japanese variety shows
  3. Chinese and Taiwanese dramas (hopefully the kdrama drought will end soon)
  4. Dark chocolate
  5. Baking
  6. Beach waves (I bought some organic sea salt spray and the cutest and tiniest hair straightener/curler in a bazaar!)
  7. Optimism! I’m usually the realist/pessimist, but lately I’ve been taking my problems in stride and telling people to calm down and think of solutions instead of panicking or complaining- which is so unlike me.
  8. Shorts! Now that I’ve lost weight, I feel a bit more confident in shorts now.

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