New to YouTube? Check out these YouTubers!

Hi guys! I’m a big YouTube fan, and no wonder. It’s been part of my growing up and has accompanied me in my numerous states of boredom, and even hard times. It’s a felicitous escape from reality. It’s a channel for people to connect and express themselves. Youtube has been a constant form of entertainment for me despite various stages in life and many changes in my preferences. Surprisingly, I have stayed loyal to some YouTubers and never tire of watching their videos. Here are a few of them in no particular order:

  1. Zoella
    Say all you want about her, but the girl knows how to make YouTube WERK. She’s amassed a beauty empire and her subscribers continue to grow quickly. Her vlogging channel is also a hit with her fans, as like many YouTubers, she knows how to relate and communicate with her fans. I enjoy watching her haul videos the most. Her vlogs are really exciting and fun to watch as well!
  2. Marzia
    Marzia is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle YouTuber. Although her initial claim to fame may have been as Pewdiepie’s girlfriend, she has shown that she’s more than just that title. Her subscriber count continues to grow, and her fans absolutely love her. She has her own channel where she posts the cutest, most creative, and nicest content- be it DIY clothes, easy cooking tutorials, or even the occasional horror story. Marzia is a force to be reckoned with, and I absolutely look forward to every video she puts out.
  3. Clothes Encounters
    Jenn Im, aka ClothesEncounters on YouTube, is one of my style icons. Her makeup and fashion is always on point, and her videos are always nicely filmed and edited. Her aesthetic is definitely something a lot of people would be attracted to. Apart from this, Jenn also comes across as a very down to earth and all-around likeable person. She posts a lot of travel videos and outfit coordination videos that get me inspired to get out there and explore to world, or even to put a little bit of effort into what I would wear for the day. With her recent engagement to her long time love, good things are surely only beginning for Jenn.
  4. JennaMarbles
    Jenna is like a big sister figure in the YouTube community. As one of the pioneer YouTubers, she has amassed millions of subscribers and her channel continues to grow. Part of Jenna’s appeal is her no-bullshit attitude and way of communicating. Her sarcastic humor and super random video ideas set her apart from a lot of other YouTubers and continue to keep her at the top of the game.
  5. TheFineBros
    The FineBros channel, pioneered by brothers Benny and Rafi Fine, have had a long history on YouTube. Arguably their biggest hit series, the react series, pioneered “Reaction” videos to other videos on YouTube. I don’t know what it is about watching someone else react to something that make it so addictive, but that series has gone beyond YouTube and into cable television with its popularity. The cast of the React videos are amazing and all have wonderful reactions and insights!
  6. Buzzfeed Video
    There are way too many Buzzfeed-affiliated channels, but I’ll put them all under the umbrella term of “Buzzfeed Video.” Buzzfeed really knows how to make viral content. Some of my favorite series are Worth It, The Try Guys, Ladylike, Buzzfeed Unsolved, and really any food-related video they put out. Their editing and filming are done well, and the content is informative yet hilarious. Watching a lot of Buzzfeed can get one attached to the cast themselves, who become stars in their own right.
  7. Safiya Nygaard
    Saf is the newest addition to my frequently watched YouTubers list. Previously from Buzzfeed (she pioneered Ladylike!), Safiya has then moved to creating content on her own YouTube channel. I think what sets her apart from other people is her attitude and communication. She’s very well-spoken, witty, and real with her viewers. She gives honest opinions on things, and she’s such a relatable person IMO.
  8. Nigahiga
    Nigahiga actually introduced me to YouTube! When I was in elementary school, a guy friend of mine told me to watch his “How to” videos (how to be ninja, how to be gangsta, etc.). I soon fell in love watching him do silly things in front of the camera. Ryan Higa’s humor is just so spot on and witty. His videos and skits are all top quality and very well-written and thought of. Heck, even just watching him talk about the most random things in front of the camera is entertaining.
  9. Danisnotonfire
    I was introduced to Dan Howell when I had my “emo-phase” during elementary school. Dan had the emo hair and fringe, the dark wardrobe and the humorous yet dark personality to match. He has very sarcastic and dry humor, so it’s definitely not for everyone- but his legions of internet followers surely  find him entertaining and charming (same)! Dan makes videos with his friend and fellow Youtuber AmazingPhil (Phil Lester). Together, they form one of the most iconic duos on YouTube.
  10. Todrick Hall
    Todrick Hall, I feel, deserves way more recognition than he is currently getting. He’s one of the most talented people I’ve seen ever, and his videos are all high-production, top quality videos. His claim to fame on my end was the Disney Dudez videos. Actually, he makes a lot of Disney-related videos as well as Beyonce-related videos (or even a mixture of both!) He sings and he dances, and uses his talents in literally everything to make his videos very Lalaland-esque (magical song and dance numbers) that are witty and creative.
  11. Brizzy Voices
    I had a phase where I would constantly watch and attempt voice impressions. I have so much respect for voice over artists! Brizzy voices is one of the more famous voice acting YouTubers there are. Her impressions videos have garnered millions of views, and she continues to inspire and entertain people with her seemingly endless roster of voices and expressions. She seems like a sweet and down to earth person, which I love!
  12. PewDiePie
    Lastly, who could forget Pewdiepie? Felix is one of the main reasons I got so hooked on YouTube. When he still posted multiple gaming videos everyday, the first thing I would do after I got home from school was to catch up on Pewdiepie videos. I am not ashamed to say that I was thoroughly entertained by his gaming shenanigans, especially his montages!  Felix isn’t afraid to get real with his viewers and call people out on their bullshit, which I really appreciate. Felix continues to grow and do different things with his channel, which is definitely worth checking out!



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