About Me

Hello there!

This is me attempting to keep my eyes open under sunlight.

I am Kat, a soon-to-be twenty something university student from Manila. I’ve always wanted to try to blog, but never really got around to maintaining one. I started this blog in 2014, and pretty much neglected updating it for two years. But this time around, I’m determined to keep this blog going!

My interests include but are not limited to: anything beauty, photography, TV shows (particularly K-dramas), social issues, travelling, languages, voice acting and more! So you can expect to see things related to these on here. My hobbies and interests are never really constant. I can get into the weirdest, most random things- so stay tuned for those too! Apart from being an avenue for my hobbies, rants, and musings- this blog is going to record snapshots of my life. I’m not really sure if anyone will find my life particularly intriguing, but that last part is really more for me than anyone else.

I’m not aiming to change the world, but if my blog can somehow make someone’s day a little bit more interesting, then that’ll be great!


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